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Romance, Poetry, Art and Photographs by Alexandros Papadopoulos Evremidis

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About me:

My name is Alexandros Evremidis and I was born in Greece where I "wasted" my childhood... I say "wasted", because what else could it be living in the middle of the Second War, in a hole beneath the earth, like worms? The germans were bombing us almost every day... And then, there was that cruel Civil War between Communists and Nationalists - mother being communist and father, nationalist - in a very very primitive and violent community of peasants. So, me and my 4 brothers, we were in the center of the crossfire of our private war...

At the age of 18, I abandoned my family, my University and Greece itself and, as a kind of self-exile, I fled towards Europe, where I spent some years wandering around, working, studying and looking for love and culture - civilization! Life was a great adventure. But the greatest adventure of all - happiness! - the Old World couldn't give me. It was like a beautiful, serious and sad old lady, a nice museum... but definetly too old for me. So I left again, I had to look for the New World. But where? No idea!

At the age of 25, I came to Brazil and, all of a sudden, by the very first sight, I knew I had finally found the New World - it was here in Rio de Janeiro and it was warm, friendly, sensual and lovely, FREE!!! So, I settled down and took possession of what was already mine in dreams.

Well, life was easy and, for a couple of years, I worked as journalist, writing hundreds of articles, about any subject. I took also some erotic-artistic photograps you can see by clicking on "Anatomic Woman". Then, suddenly, once again, I abandoned everything, jumped into literature and created 11 books - most of them novels...

About my books

Adeus.Grecia! / Editorial Nordica
"Adeus, Grécia!" is the story of a boy who had no love, no friends, not even toys, save his little "wee" - the only thing that, properly manipulated, used to give him some pleasure and happiness in life... Until when?

MELISSA / Editorial Nordica
"MELISSA" is an extremely romantic, and at same time realistic, story about a desperate young girl of 18 and a yet more desperate young man of 25, who get together on the Equator Line, fall in love and make a curious agreement - to live and love each other without any limits, be them social, moral or sexual, i.e., in complete complicity! They push it further yet: they swear that if one of them for any reason would let the other down, the "other" would have the right to kill the "one"...Does this make sense?

Claudinha_inquirindo / Editora Letras Brasileiras
"Claudinha no Ano da Loucura" reminds Vladimir Nabokov's "LOLITA" - a 12 years old nymphete and a mature man in his mid-fourties seduce each other, get sentimentally and sexually involved and try to live a very strange and atypical love story, the dream and the fantasy, the impossible. But... there is always a "but", social prejudices, taboos, the emerging use of drugs and the generation gap turned the dream over into a nightmare... Crazy, very crazy...(loucura means craziness).

More Books

"Evolução Mulher - A Fonte da Vida" - Poems and photographs of a young brazilian actress and ballet dancer, called Francis, in different situations - cooking, working, dancing, acting, bathing, crying, laughing, masturbating, showing her intimity and so on...

"A Mãe do Filho" - A couple with a little baby goes apart and begins a bloody and mortal combat about the possession of the child. Who is going to win - the father or the mother? Are there winners in any kind of war? Perhaps Pyrrhic Victories... But the children are always the losers!

"Drogas - Agonia e Êxtase" - A live report about the whole and painful experience with the drugs in my body and in my soul - from the innocent marijuana to the fatal heroin! Are the drugs worth? Should they be legalized?

"Senhor do Desejo" - We, men, believe that we are the absolute masters and owners of desire and the subsequent pleasure, so we opress women, allowing ourselves more freedom than we actually can afford. But reality looks otherwise and in the end the tears flow richly and taste bitter... No way back!

"Civilização - Sangue e Esperma" - They teach in schools that civilization is a product of intelligence, work and curiosity. Is that true? If you study History profoundly, you'll see that it is full of blood and sperm - both have flowed abondantly in the battles and in the palaces!

"O Menino Toureiro" - Guagua, a joung carioca, almost a child, flees to Spain, fights the "toradas" and wins, so the king promises him anything he wants. That's the point - all the boy wants is to stop the slaughter of the bulls! And now? Will the king keep his word?

"O Dragão da Poluição" - The Earth is very sick. Who could save her? Perhaps the children Guagua, Thiago and Lalo - with the help of a dragon they created and that drinks all the water and inspires all the air... After processing them for a while, it restitutes them back to the Earth, cleaned and purified... Is it that simple? Think about...

"Os Ratonildos" - The Mice imprison a cat that attacks them and Dedi, the youngest Mouse, tries to teach the cat the Newest Order of the World - the peace is desirable and the friendship, advisable. And now what?

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